Chequamegon Area
Mountain Bike Association


Winter Trails

The following trails are groomed for fat biking in the winter. They are listed in order of difficulty, from the easiest to the most difficult.
(Current trail conditions):

Big Easy: 2.5 miles, easy, double track. The Big Easy is a beginner loop at Hwy OO. It is wide with virtually no hills and was built courtesy of the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation.   The trail includes close to a mile of shared ski trail, with bikes on the south side of the trail.  Please stay on the bike side of the trail and do not ride on the ski trail side.  Access:  The trail begins just east of the Samuel C. Johnson Nordic Center at the Hwy OO trailhead.

Hayward Hospital Gateway: 2.5 miles, easy, 100% singletrack. The Hospital Gateway Trail is the newest addition to the CAMBA trail system thanks to a partnership with the Hayward Area Memorial Hospital.  It consists of a series of sweeping curves along some gentle hills.  Phase One, approximately 1.25 miles, was completed in 2017.  A short section of shared ski trail across a small bridge over Smith Creek connects Phase One with another 1.25 miles of Phase Two trail.  Please stay on the bike side of the trail and do not ride on the classic ski tracks.  Access: Northwest corner of the Essentia Clinic parking lot, off Hwy 77, a mile west of Hayward.

Cable Town Trails: 2 miles, easy, double track. The Cable Town Trails are a group of short, interconnected wooded loops separated by an open field. The main west loop is easy rolling. The east loop goes in and out of a small ravine. Snowshoe trails intersperse with the bike trails. Access: Cable Community Center.

Westside and Backside: 3 miles/6 miles round trip, intermediate, singletrack and ski trail. Westside and Backside are two parts of the same trail connecting the Birkie Start to Timber Trail. Westside begins on the east side of the Great Hall at the Birkie Start area, behind the propane tank, and runs south for almost 2 miles. Backside is shaped like a lollipop, with Westside meeting it at the top of the lollipop and the stick connecting to Timber Trail. The first part of Westside is the most technical, with a few short, steep climbs. The trail then transitions to ski trails until you reach the stick. The east side of the Backside loop is very hilly. The west side of the loop is fairly flat. The stick is moderately hilly. Please stay on the “bike lane” part of the trail on shared-use sections. Access: Birkie Start on McNaught Road.

Big Fat Loop
(BFL): 14 miles, intermediate, singletrack, double track, snowmobile trail and road. The Big Fat Loop (BFL) is a winter-only trail using forest roads and two short sections of snowmobile trail to link Makwa and Seeley Pass to the Seeley Hills trails. It has some moderately technical singletrack sections and moderate climbing. Access: Either Hwy OO Trailhead or Old OO at the Seeley Ski Trail. From Hwy OO, it rides best counter-clockwise, starting with Seeley Pass; turn left a few hundred yards past the Janet Road intersection (S2); follow the signs across OO and through the woods until you reach Frindt Road; turn right on Frindt Road; turn left on Old OO and follow it to the Seeley Hills trailhead; follow the Seeley Hills winter trail to the southernmost part of the trail; turn left and follow the signs across Thannum Fire Lane, then cross Snowmobile Trail 31 and follow the signs to Phipps Fire Lane; follow the signs to the right for 50 yards, then turn left and follow the Makwa Trail back to OO.  For a longer, more challenging ride, try riding it clockwise and include another 4 to 5 miles of the Seeley Hills Trail.

Mt. Ashwabay Trails: (Alternative map) 7 miles. The trail is a mix of CAMBA single track and older decommissioned xc/logging trails. The trail tread is groomed to about 24 inches by snowmobile on a regular basis. The trail is basically a lollipop. You will climb right away on mild incline switch backing up the hill to warm you up. Then the trail mellows to an easy ride. Next you’ll climb a short hill to the Little Loop. Little Loop is an easy ½ mile loop. After that the trail continues on to some CAMBA singletrack for more intermediate riding. Then the top of the lollipop brings you to all the vistas off the back side and front side of Mt. Ashwabay. This bigger loop can be ridden in either direction.  This area is subject to intermittent lake effect snow squalls that leave us with a lot of fluffy dry snow and a soft trail that requires very low tire pressure.  Access: Look for a big red sign on the eastern edge of the Mt. Ashwabay Ski Area’s parking lot. Ride past the maintenance building along the powerline to the beginning of the trail.  A $10 fee is required for non-pass holders. Pay at the fee box or chalet. Fees collected support grooming operations. Winter biking at Mt. Ashwabay is a collaboration between North Coast Cycling Association and Ashwabay Outdoor Educational Foundation.

Esker: (Winter map) 5 miles, intermediate, 95% singletrack, 5% road. Named for a glacial ridge, Esker is not very technical and is shorter than other area trails, but it has lots of climbing to make up for it. Parts of the trail are prone to drifting so be ready for that, especially on top of the esker. Take a moment to enjoy the outstanding view from the top!  Access: Parking can be found at C10 and C8.  Alternatively, park at the Birkie Start on McNaught Road and ride a 10 mile loop starting with Westside/Backside, then follow the Esker Connector to Spider Lake Fire Lane, turn right and follow the road for 100 yards, then enter the Esker at C8. When departing the Esker at C9 simply follow the roads through the Telemark property back to the Birkie Start.

Makwa: (Winter map) 4.5 miles each way, intermediate, 100% singletrack. Makwa is groomed only from the Hwy OO trailhead south, to where the Big Fat Loop joins it near Phipps Fire Lane. It has a few long climbs but they are not steep.  Access:. Hwy OO Trailhead:  follow the ski trail over the bridge, then immediately turn right and follow the ski trail to get to the the bike trail.

Seeley Pass: (Winter map) Up to 12 miles each way/24 miles round trip, intermediate, 100% singletrack. Seeley Pass is 24 miles long if you go all the way to the High Point and back. It is moderately technical with a significant amount of climbing. It crosses several fire roads with opportunities to bail out.  Access:. Hwy OO Trailhead. Secondary trailhead on Boedeker Road.

Hatchery Creek
: 9 miles with 1, 2, 4, 6, and 7 mile cut-offs, intermediate to difficult, 99% singletrack, 1% shared ski trail. Hatchery Creek is perhaps the second most technical trail being groomed in the area. This trail gets lots of foot/snowshoe traffic near the trailheads. Please be watchful for walkers and respect their right to the trail. Biking is not allowed on the groomed ski trails except for a few short portions of shared trail near each trailhead.  Access: Hatchery Creek Trailhead or Mosquito Brook Trailhead.

Seeley Hills: 6 to 10 miles, intermediate to difficult, 99% singletrack, 1% shared ski trail. Seeley Hills is the most technical trail being groomed, with lots of hills and some off-camber sections. Access: Use either the Uhrenholdt Forest entrance on Hwy OO or the easier ski trail entrance on Old OO. The Uhrenholdt access climbs the biggest hill in the trail system and returns on the fastest and perhaps steepest descents in the system. The Old OO access avoids the steepest hills. The trail is almost 10 miles long from the Uhrenholdt access and 7 miles long from the Old OO access if you skip the Uhrenholdt section. A bypass shortens the distance from either trailhead by about one mile and avoids the most technical sections (locally known as JT and Fawn Trail). Please stay on the “bike lane” part of the trail on shared-use sections.