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Trails by Name

38 special: a feature of Flow Mama trail

Antler Trail: 1.9 miles, Easy, 100% easy-riding ski trail singletrack

Birkie Trail: 9 miles point-to-point Mosquito Brook to OO, Intermediate, ski trail

Boulevard Trail: 6.2 miles, Easy, 75% two-track, 25% easy riding singletrack

Danky Dank Trail: 4.5 miles, Difficult, 100% singletrack

Diesel Bear Trail: 1.4 mile loop, Easy, 100% singletrack

Dirt Lip Trail: 1.7 mile loop, Intermediate, 100% singletrack

Esker Trail: 3.4 miles, Intermediate, 100% singletrack

Fire Tower Trail: 4.4 miles  to Short & Fat and Winding Pine with spur to site of old fire tower, Intermediate, 70% two-track, 30% gravel road

Flow Mama Trail: 6 miles, connects Ojibwe Trail to Seeley Pass, Intermediate, 100% singletrack

Glacier Trail: 3 miles, Easy, 40% singletrack, 60% two track

Gravity Cavity: a feature of the Flow Mama Trail

Hatchery Creek Trail: 8.9 miles with 1, 2, 4, 6, and 7 mile cut-offs, Intermediate, 100% singletrack

Hildebrand Lake Loop Trail: 2.4 miles, Very Difficult, 100% technical singletrack

Hooten Hollow Trail: Approximately 1.6 mile loop, Intermediate, 100% singletrack

Hospital Gateway Trail: 5.5 miles, 6+ miles when riding repeated segments to connect. Easy/Beginner, 100% singletrack.

Hot Saw Trail: 2.5 mile loop, Easy, 100% singletrack

Jack Rabbit Trail: 4.3 miles, Easy, 100% easy-riding ski trail singletrack

Lake Helane Trail: 5.1 mile lollipop loop from S-20, Easy, 100% gravel road

Makwa Trail: 12.5 miles point-to-point, Intermediate, 100% singletrack

Makwa Trail: 5 to 12.5 miles, Intermediate, 100% singletrack

Namakagon Trail: 15 miles, Intermediate, 77% easy to moderately technical singletrack, 13% two track (IMBA EPIC)

Lady Slipper: Approximately 1.5 mile loop, Difficult, 100% singletrack

Ojibwe Trail: 10.5 miles, Intermediate with narrow and technical sections, 100% singletrack

Patsy Lake Trail: 8 to 14.8 miles, Intermediate, 78% singletrack, 22% two track (IMBA EPIC)

Phipps Fire Lane: 7.7 miles one-way, Easy, dirt road, fast rolling hills

Raven Trail:

River Pig Log Ride: a feature of Flow Mama trail

Rock Lake Trail: 5.5 to 12 miles, Difficult, 100% technical singletrack (IMBA EPIC)

Seeley Pass Trail: 7.7 miles, Intermediate, 100% singletrack

Short & Fat Trail: 15.1 miles, Intermediate, 20% easy-riding singletrack, 30% two-track, 40% gravel road, 10% paved road

Sleigh Trail: 3.7 miles, Easy, 24% easy-riding singletrack, 20% gravel road, 4% Birkie Trail, 33% ski trail

Stick Up-Down Trail: 1 mile, Easy, 100% singletrack

Telemark Traverse Trail: 1.5 miles, Intermediate, 100% singletrack

Treasures’ Trace Trail: 3.5 miles, Intermediate, 100% moderate singletrack

Trogdor Trail: 2.4 mile point-to-point, Difficult, 100% singletrack

Tsuga Daddy: 6 mile loop, Intermediate, 100% singletrack.

West Fork Trail: 11.3 miles, Intermediate, 46% singletrack, 15% two-track, 20% gravel road, 29% paved

Wild River Trail: 4 miles, Easy, 20% paved road, 40% two-track, 40% gravel road

Wilson Lake Spur: .75 miles, Easy, two track

Winding Pine Trail: 3.2 miles from S-14 to S-6, Intermediate, 100% two-track ATV trail


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