Chequamegon Area
Mountain Bike Association


Recognition Program

CAMBA values the hundreds of hours our great volunteers put in every year. Without their help, we could not do what we do, nor could we have created the fabulous trail system that we have today.

CAMBA, quite literally, would not exist without volunteers.  The 300 miles of trail, including over 100 miles of singletrack that CAMBA manages, are there thanks to the generosity of the many people who have pitched in over the past 25 years.

CAMBA has created a Volunteer Recognition Program to say thanks for the time and effort volunteers have donated. The Program is based on the number of hours worked with a corresponding Thank You gift at each level.

6 Hours

After your first 6 hours of volunteer work you’ll receive a CAMBA ball cap.

12 Hours

After 12 or more hours, you may also choose a men’s or women’s cut CAMBA t-shirt.

20+ Hours

After 20 or more hours of service you will be recognized with your photo and name on the CAMBA “Mug Board” at  Rivers Eatery in Cable.  Once your mug’s on the board, Rivers will take $1 off the price of your first beer or other beverage each time you come in!

These modest rewards are just a token of our appreciation to let you know how much CAMBA appreciates your help.

Let us know if you want to get in on the action and we’ll let you know how to log your hours so that you receive credit toward your swag.  All reward items can be picked up at  Rivers Eatery in Cable.

Volunteer hours continue to accumulate through the end of the year so volunteers have the opportunity to achieve all three levels of recognition.

Click Here to submit your volunteer hours.