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Sponsorship and Advertising

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Another benefit for our sponsors:

CAMBA Membership Perks Program

The Membership Perks Program allows CAMBA sponsors to connect directly with the growing CAMBA membership.  It is CAMBA’s hope that by connecting our dedicated members to our dedicated sponsors, we can enhance your business, brand and presence in the mountain bike community.

Participation in the Membership Perks Program is available at no additional cost to CAMBA sponsors at the Silver Level and above.  Participants will have the option to offer discounts and other benefits to CAMBA members.  The specific promotion that you would like to offer to CAMBA members is entirely up to you.  The range of opportunities for a CAMBA Membership Perks participating business includes a coupon, standard discounts or anything else that makes sense for your business. Participating sponsors and their respective offer will be posted on the membership page on the CAMBA website and promoted in our newsletter.

CAMBA members are issued a membership card to affirm their current membership status when taking advantage of Perks’ benefits.

The Membership Perks Program is an outstanding opportunity for a sponsoring business to realize real value from CAMBA and its members.