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2018 Donor and Sponsor List

Thank You to our 2018 Donors & Sponsors

Contributions, large and small, are a major part of CAMBA’s financial stability.  Donations underwrite our day-to-day operations,
specific trail projects and other important programs and initiatives.
As we transition into the 2019 season, CAMBA would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the following individuals, businesses,
and organizations that recognize and value the legacy of recreational mountain bike trails in the Chequamegon Area.
Thank you one and all!


Recreational Trails Program
Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival
Borah Foundation
Wisconsin Department of Tourism

Hayward Area Memorial Hospital & Water’s Edge
Memorial Medical Center
TREK Bicycle

Bayfield County Forestry & Parks
National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance
Patrick Warpinski
Amy & Chip Pearson Family Foundation
Bayfield Chamber of Commerce
Esker Cycles
Terrene Tires

Ben Marks
William Styer Charitable Fund
William Hoeg
Timothy Louis
Thom Malnourie
Michael W. Louis Private Foundation
Sawyer County Outdoor Programs & Education

Hutter Family Foundation
Bradley Brekke
Rodney & Cindi West
Chequamegon Resource Advisory Committee/USDA Forest Service
Enbridge Energy
Wisconsin Sports Development/Madison Community Foundation

Hayward Area Memorial Hospital & Water’s Edge
Bay City Cycles, LLC
John Bogdanske
Mark Borman
James Coors
Max & Sophia Devitt
Michael Haag
Hayward Lakes Visitor & Convention Bureau
Howl, LLC
Anne Marchand
Todd Moser
Aistis & Jessica Tumas
Luke Wood

Hayward Area Chamber of Commerce
Jane Bidwell
Brad Mackinaw
Jeremy Pomeroy
Carolyn Senty
Mike & Lisa Weispfenning
John Garrett & Colleen Graham
Mark Belknap
Paul Belknap
Elizabeth Holland Charitable Fund
Jeanine Evenson
Susan Funk & Wood Kidner
Jeff Louis
Steve Louis
Marc Lybeck
Mock Family
Peg Moreland
Windseeker Realty, LLC

Paul Behrens
Hilding Branzell
Scott Chapin
Bil Danielson
Marcia Engebretson
Joshua Hegman
Robert Lamoreaux
Craig Lindner
Michaela Pomeroy
Sheila Weir
Carol Fitzgerald
Amy Bennett
Bayfield County Economic Development
Duane Higgs
Chris & Cindy McGrath
Amy & David Moore
David Tworek
Michael Scherer
Joshua Miner
Ronald Anderson
Dellin Backum
Michael Beer
Anna Carlson
Debbie Colgan
Jennifer Corlett
Rocky DiGiacomo
Tom Dvoratchek
John Felsenthal
Cameron Field
Fiorio Investment Services
Charles Grainger
Michael Gregor
Sara & Matthew Hudson
Barb & Mike Kelly
Greg Klausen
Marie Konopacky
Bradley Lewis
Mark Lowder
Julie Moss
Suzann Mouw
Matt Nelson
Oak Technical Sales
Clark Olsen
Christine Palpant
Susan Parman
Pinware Solutions
Ann Pollock
Julie Rudolph
Raymond Samide
John Schneider
Jodi Stammer
Steve Thatcher
Michael & Michelle Traeger
Jennifer Weltzin

James DeStaso
Beth Vandervort
Jeffery Tumbleson
Thomas Thornquest
Mark Gavin
Allison Slavick
Kent Adams
Amy Amman
Greg Armstrong
Greg Crites
Rebecca Fitzsimmons
Drew Guttormson
Jeff Hokeness
Peter Huot
Mike Kalstrup
David Larson
Dennis Liphart
Colleen McIntyre
Elaine Miller
Larry Myhra
Eric Padget
J Daniel Palen
Walter Pearson
Adam Prise
Patrick Remington
Scott Richardson
Chris Ruckdaschel
David Schlabowske
Michelle Simone
Tim Sosalla
Harry Spehar
Marjorie Sprecher
Frances Stanton
Emily Stone
Cynthia Storm
Francis Stranton
Rick Urban
Velo Café
Stanley Walczak
Mark Nestande
Amy Davison
Yvonne Kuehn
Bruce Pagel
Gary Crandall
John Farrell
Phil King
Joseph Timmerman
Nancy Hunt
Steven Skarvan
Wendy Wood
Valdemar Jensen
Dustin Moriarty
Terrence Penman
Vetty Supply
William & Nancy Bauer
Karen Manske
Sarah Newton
Mark Overson
Cynthia Smith
Margaret Vagts
Richard Burnton
Joann Evans
Marilyn Biechler
Paula Bilitz
Mary Byrkit
Charlotte Duffy
Matthew Iverson
Erik Knutson
Grace Miller
Kelly Pezzella
Karen Rigotti
Peggy Stewart
Donald Undis

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