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Adopt a Trail

CAMBA’s Adopt-a-Trail Program is a volunteer-based trail maintenance initiative to help CAMBA’s trail chiefs stay up to date on the on-going maintenance needs of our many trails.

Adopt-a-Trail volunteers can get involved on several different levels, the most basic being simply providing additional eyes on the trails to help identify maintenance needs. On a greater level, Adopt-a-Trail volunteers take responsibility for keeping a trail or a segment of a longer trail in good riding condition throughout the season.  Of course, should there be a major weather event or trail remediation needed due to logging or other impact, the respective steward will rally the troops to address that specific project.

As an Adopt-a-Trail Volunteer you will be asked to:

Ride, Review & Report

All you need to do is:

If you would like to get involved, many segments or entire trails are available for adoption. You would need to ride your trail at least once every other week and communicate any maintenance needs to that cluster’s Cluster Chief.

If you would like to take a more active role you may also perform routine light maintenance on that trail including removing debris from the trails, posting signs and maps where missing, cutting brush along the trail and, if comfortable with a chainsaw, cutting blow downs and deadfall off the trail.  Note: anyone operating a chainsaw on National Forest trails (Delta, Drummond, Namakagon Clusters) must have at least Level A Apprentice Sawyer certification. CAMBA prefers, however, that all volunteers using a chainsaw on behalf of CAMBA receive this training and certification, which also includes basic first aid.

Consult the Adopt-A-Trail grid to see which trails have already been adopted.  If there’s a trail or section of trail that you would like to adopt, please contact the respective Cluster Chief who will help you get started.

CAMBA can provide a folding handsaw to carry while you ride and other hand and power tools for more involved projects.

And there are perks! CAMBA will provide all Adopt-A-Trail volunteers with a custom piece of apparel and other swag (specifics to be determined) as a thank you for your efforts.

Thanks for your help – it is greatly appreciated!