Chequamegon Area
Mountain Bike Association



When you think of CAMBA you may think of epic single track for miles and miles. Pristine riding. Big woods. Endless trails. What may not come to top of mind is flowy jump lines. Until now. The CAMBA Trail Crew has worked hard to bring you CAMBA’s 1st ever true jump line on Seeley pass. All the features created offer riders ample opportunity for progression and airtime (if desired) with ride over/bypass options on all of the features.

Come out to an informal session/group ride and christening of the jump line September 22nd, 10:00 AM – until our wheels fall off. This will be a great opportunity for riders to practice jumping skills and for those who already have experience jumping, to fllllyyyy. There will be beverages, a fire, plenty of airtime and high fives. Feel free to bring something to toss on the grill or in the cooler.

We will meet on Boedecker Road at 10:00 AM for a short ride into the line on Seeley Pass. Any bags, food or beverages can be transported to the jump line in a CAMBA truck.

Come send with a friend! Let us know you’re coming.

WHEN: Sunday September 22, 10:00 AM – Until the wheels fall off

WHERE: Meeting at Boedecker Road near S6

WHAT: Informal group ride and session of the new jump line

BRING: Helmet, any beverages you would like in the cooler, food you would like to grill. CAMBA will bring in your extra food, beverages and gear to the jump line so you can pedal in!

COST: Free