Chequamegon Area
Mountain Bike Association



Candidate Statements – 2019

Mark Borman

I am a passionate ambassador of mountain biking on and off the trails..  I have been riding the CAMBA trails and the Chequamegon Short & Fat race since 2008 with my wife, Laurie Laner.  We are CAMBA Lifetime members and long-term financial donors directly to CAMBA and through the donation request when registering for the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival. Laurie is a two-time attendee of the Women’s Weekend Mountain Bike Clinic. We were married at Lakewoods Resort as a destination wedding and for its proximity to the Namakagon Cluster trails. Annually from our home in Golden Valley, Minn., we make about 20 daytrips and overnight stays to ride the CAMBA trails in all 4 seasons. I am a donor and listen to WOJB 88.9 FM from 1-5 pm when home and in my car when in CAMBAland, i.e., my mind is in the CAMBA area even when I am not there. We support local businesses as customers of Backroads Coffee, Brick House Cafe, Coop’s, Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Station stores, Lakewoods, Marketplace Foods, New Moon, Rondeau’s, Sawmill Saloon, Start Line Inn & Services, Triple G, Velo Cafe, and local cabins on Airbnb and Vrbo. We are donors to the Seeley Lions Club project for the Seeley Trails Warming Cabin and very thankful for the year-round access to trailhead cabins at Hatchery Creek, Mosquito Brook, OO and the North End.

I am an unofficial Twin Cities ambassador for CAMBA trails making riders aware of CAMBA as a strong alternative to spending the same amount of drive time to Duluth or Cuyuna MTB trails. I can bring a perspective to CAMBA of what I have learned on many trails in different geographies and respective mountain bike communities.  When the trails are open, I ride 3 to 5 times a week in all four seasons on nearly all MORC and CAMBA (Namakagon, Cable, Seeley and Hayward Clusters) trails.  Also, I have ridden MTB trails in Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, Utah, Argentina, Chile, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and New Zealand.

When meeting riders on the trails and at trailheads, I spread my passion through friendly fellowship, create goodwill and help riders in need of assistance with their bikes and directions via both the MTB Project and my knowledge of the trails. Upon meeting trail crews and volunteers working on the trails and at trailheads, I stop to thank them for their work in maintaining the mountain bike trails in great condition and adding new features. While riding after storms, I report large downed trees on the trails, and hand clear the trails of downed liftable/breakable tree-branches/trunks before the trail workers have time to get to them. Off the trails, I share my mountain biking passion with my social and business networks, as well as rider and bike shop acquaintances that I meet when riding in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada and Utah.  My ambassadorship of CAMBA in the region and beyond can create increased rider visitors to the CAMBA trails that creates the potential for growing membership, sponsorship, financial strength and member benefits.

I will use my skills to help grow CAMBA’s membership, sponsorship, financial strength and member benefits.  I serve and have served as a board member in numerous organizations ranging from startup, private equity, publicly traded, non-profit and advisory boards. I bring the best of small-company entrepreneurial passion and larger-company disciplines. I am actively involved with these organizations as a board member, audit committee chair, and governance, finance, fundraising, marketing, membership and mentor committee member. My forte is helping companies achieve strategic growth, profitability, cash-flow, fundraising, and valuation goals.


Thom Malnourie

Currently, I am self-employed and owner of Malnourie Gymrage, located in the Northwoods Beach Township in Sawyer County.  For the past two years we have expanded into Cable, holding weekly classes at the Startline Inn. Our most recent contribution to silent sports is the creation of the GymRage Outdoor Fitness Park located at the OO Trailhead.

What I can offer CAMBA is my knowledge of trails in our area. I have been an avid mountain biker since moving to the Hayward area since 1996 and have added trail running to further my enjoyment of our pristine trails.  Aside personal interests, I feel my biggest contribution to the CAMBA Board is being a community member of Hayward, which also entails Lac Courte Oreilles.  For the past two years our gym has fielded running teams for the Birkie Trail Festival. These teams took ordinary community members (of LCO) out into the trails, where they learned how to train and navigate the system.  For most the experience was new and fun, for they never gave themselves the opportunity to be “out there,” From this experience, we have expanded into leading group mountain bike rides as well fat biking in the winter months. Helping community members learn to enjoy the trails has led to some of our gym members becoming regular customers at local bike shops.

I see the presence of CAMBA as community building – bringing people from all aspects of life and fitness levels as avid supporters and participants of life on the CAMBA Trail.  From our humble running groups I have witnessed this concept first hand and the experience has been joyous.  I hope my past achievements can further the mission of CAMBA.


Jenny Swift

I was born and raised in Hudson, Wisconsin.  When I was younger, our family vacations were spent at different resorts and lakes in the Hayward area.  My parents bought a cabin on Round Lake in 2007.   I met my husband in 2010 when I walked into his bike shop interested in purchasing a road bike.  Needless to stay,  I ended up with more than a road bike.  Within a year, Tim and I were married, had a child, and I moved my life to the Northwoods.  We recently built a house near OO so we could be close to the beautiful trails this area has to offer.  We have an awesome eight year old daughter, Olivia, and an English setter named Aksel.

I’ve been mountain biking since 1999.  My father owned a bike shop in Stillwater and in Hudson that had a team club.  I would join group rides, which lead  to racing in the Minnesota off-road race series in 2000.  Within the next few years I did my first two Chequamegon Fat Tire races.  In recent years, I have raced in Chequamegon 40 races, Mt. Borah Epic races and Pre-Fat races.  My favorite type of riding or racing is definitely single track!

Five years ago, I left my career in the airlines to stay at home with our daughter, Olivia.  For three years I was a coach for the Birkie trail kids program.  I have also coached in the Nordic Kids Ski program and just started my fifth year as a coach for the Hayward Composite Mountain Bike Team.  We currently have 40 kids on our team which has doubled from last year!  #more kids on bikes.

Through these experiences and as a member of the Hayward community, I feel that I could help educate the community more about who CAMBA is and what direction it is headed.

Laurie Woodbury

As a Lifetime CAMBA member, I have participated and served CAMBA in a number of various capacities, including:

As a rider, I’ve mountain biked for approximately 25 years.  My mountain bike experience includes a great deal of cross country racing, primarily ultra-distance races, including 22 multi-day stage races around the world.  I’ve owned a fat bike since 2006, and was the first female to finish (and even ride in) the Arrowhead 135.  I just this past year purchased a gravel bike, and am happy to say that gravel riding is now in my list of biking “loves.”  Just being on a bike, any bike, on dirt, gravel, or snow, is where I feel best.  It is the one place, for me, where all of the “ick” melts off.

I am BICP Level 1 certified as an instructor, and coached at CAMBA and Because Trails women’s weekend clinics in 2019.  Additionally, over this past summer I coached a number of evening women’s clinics sponsored by a local Twin Cities bicycle shop.

Professionally, I am now retired, but spent 36 years in corporate risk management and business continuity planning.  In that role, I identified, assessed, and developed means and methods to manage, accept, or otherwise mitigate risk.  I managed the development process of business continuity plans at over 40 business locations and processing plants, and directed each facility’s team in the development process and through the testing of their plans.

Why do I want to be a board member?  CAMBA has created an amazing spectrum of trails and riding opportunities….mountain trails, fat biking, and now gravel.  CAMBA has historically been led by a hugely competent and dedicated group of individuals, with great vision for the future.  I would like to be a part of that future, and would love to be a part of the continued growth by helping create and ensure sustainability.   I see opportunities for growth with increased membership, involvement in the organization by more individuals –including youth and younger members – and women.  The movement to involve women in mountain biking is catching on all over the country with more and more clinics and riding opportunities for women.  I’m excited, as a woman, to be a part of that, as I have been with coaching and riding.  And, I see growth opportunities with the involvement and/or partnership of local businesses in CAMBA activities and initiatives.  CAMBA has come so amazingly far but there are still so many exciting opportunities out there.  I would very much like to be a part of helping to develop those opportunities.

Part of my experience in my career in risk management and business continuity planning involved the management of the corporate insurance program, including property, liability, umbrella, workers comp, directors and officers liability, employment practices liability, professional liability, fiduciary liability, cyber risk liability.  In addition to the purchase and management of the insurance portfolio, I was also responsible for claims management and the oversight of the third party claims administrator hired to handle workers comp claims.

I also spent a couple of years on the “other side” of the insurance world, that of an insurance broker.  During those years, I brokered and specialized in management liability products (D&O, E&O, Employment Practices liability, Fiduciary liability).  While I have not been part of a non-profit board other than CAMBA, I am very familiar with the insurance protection necessary for such an entity.

I have also had experience early in my career with the annual reporting process of the company I worked for at the time.

Fund raising is an integral part of a non-profit and is arguably one of its main focuses!  I can commit to doing my part with respect to fund raising activities and initiatives.

While I physically couldn’t build a trail, I sure have spent time maintaining trails.  The summer of 2017 was a year for maintenance!  I believe that Richard and I each spent over 100 hours each on the trails during that summer of wind, rain, and maintenance needs.  And while not as many hours, we had responsibility for a couple of the Cable area trails over the several summers prior to that.

Finally, my event planning experience has all been as a part of a committee; I am a team player but also able to manage a team (as I did as part of my professional career).