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Winter Trail Conditions

Note: Please do not ride freshly groomed trails. Trails rarely set up the first day and need at least one night before being ready to ride.
Click here for an illustration of proper tire pressure on snow.

Grooming schedule and Trail CONDITIONS as of Wednesday, February 21, 2018:

We received a couple inches of new snow with high winds on Monday in Hayward.  Ashland saw FOURTEEN inches!  Most trails will be groomed sometime this week, although grooming the northern Bayfield County trails will be delayed due to the heavy snowfall.  Several trails were becoming glazed before the recent snowfall, and it is unknown at this time how well the new snow will stick to those icy sections.  Expect drifting on ungroomed trails.

The following is the reported status of the trails at this time.

Cable Town Trails: Groomed yesterday afternoon, Tuesday Feb 20.

Big Easy: Not yet available due to active logging operation.

Big Fat Loop: No current report.  Last groomed Sunday afternoon Feb 4, EXCEPT the Makwa and Seeley Hills sections, which were groomed Tuesday afternoon Feb 20.    Note: U R HERE maps on the trail have not been updated yet. The only significant difference is the reroute on Snowmobile Trail 31. Please follow the directional signs rather than the map in that area.  Also note that the directional signs on Frindt Road are missing.  If you ride it clockwise, turn right at the end of Old OO and look for the groomed trail just south of the newer barn.  Counterclockwise riders should turn right on Frindt Road the left onto Old OO.)

Esker:  Groomed last week for the first time this winter!  Big thanks to Josh Washlow from Up North Guided Tours for opening it up and cutting out some fallen trees last week, and to Ron Bergin and Mick Endersbe for packing it and grooming over several days last week.  Grooming was interrupted yesterday, Tuesday Feb 20, due to 4 foot drifts.  It may take a few days for the crew to bust through the drifts and make a rideable trail.

Hatchery Creek: Groomed yesterday afternoon, Tuesday Feb 20.

Hospital Gateway: Groomed last Tuesday Feb 6.

Makwa:  Groomed Tuesday afternoon Feb 20.

Mt. AshWaBay:  Groomed last night Feb 20.  No update yet on how it went in the heavy snowfall.

Seeley Hills: Groomed Tuesday Feb 20.

Seeley Pass: Scheduled for grooming Thursday evening.

Westside/Backside: Groomed yesterday afternoon, Tuesday Feb 20.  Directional signs and U R HERE maps are now installed. Expect more shared-use sections with the North End Ski Club this year. Please do not ride on the ski lanes of the shared-use sections.  2/4/18 UPDATE:  The Birkie Trail Crew is now grooming all of last year’s Fat Bike Birkie race course in case it is needed.  The FBB race course follows the old Korteloppet course, which includes much of the Westside and Backside Trails.  It also crosses private property, and it is not yet clear whether or not the public is allowed to use that section of trail.  Please stay on the Backside Trail until further notice, and do not follow the old Korteloppet course onto the Telemark property.

Other Area trails (non-CAMBA):
Heaven & Tortoise: Groomed Tuesday evening Feb 20.   Expect some soft spots on Heaven due to drifting. Note that Tortoise is a snowmobile route in the winter that is open to bikes.  It is an ATV Trail in the summer and closed to bikes.  Also note that snowmobiles have been operating off trail near Heaven, so please be aware of motorized users in that area.  These trails are groomed courtesy of Up North Guided Tours LLC.
Farm Road Trails, south of Ashland: Aaron is trying to pack the fourteen inches of fresh snow with a snowmobile before attempting to groom again.
Spooner Park:  No new report.  The trails are not groomed by machine, but get enough foot and bike traffic to be decent riding most of the time.
Wildcat: Scheduled for grooming today, Tuesday Feb 20.