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Winter Fat Biking

General Conditions

February 25:   ALL TRAILS are now open.   

All trails can now be ridden, whether or not they have been groomed this winter.  Studded tires are strongly recommended on trails that have been groomed, but are not needed on most ungroomed trails.

Groomed trails in the Seeley area like Seeley Pass, Makwa and Seeley Hills are about half dirt and half ice covered.  The "winter only" sections of Seeley Hills and the Big Fat Loop are very rough riding due to the lack of snow on them.

The Ballfield is about 1/4 dirt and 3/4 hard frozen snow, with very little ice.  The farther north you go, you'll see less dirt and ice and more snow.  

Forest roads are generally ice covered, but the ice is thin enough that the gravel is coming up through it so studs aren't as necessary as you might think.

Tortoise is now closed.  ATV season is here, so riding on Tortoise is no longer allowed by the County.

REMINDER:  DO NOT RIDE GROOMED SKI TRAILS EXCEPT WHERE EXPRESSLY ALLOWED.  Biking is allowed only on a few short sections of a few ski trails, and only where necessary to connect sections of groomed bike trails.  The Birkie Trail has no sections currently open for biking.  

Winter Fat Bike Trail Conditions

Winter Fat Bike Trail Conditions
Trail Name Status Date Conditions Most Recent Grooming Recent Snowfall Additional Notes
Seeley Hills Trail 2/24 open 1 inch 2/22
Seeley Pass-OO to S10 2/24 open 1 inch 2/22
Mawka-South 2/24 open 1 inch 2/22
Big Fat Loop 2/24 open 1 inch 2/22
Big Easy 2/24 open 1 inch 2/22
Hatchery Creek 2//24 open 1/10 1 inch 2/22 Grooming has been suspended. We have acquired new equipment and hope to resume grooming before the end of the season.
Esker Trail 2/24 open 1 inch 2/22
Cable Community Farm 2/24 open 1 inch 2/22
Backside 2/24 open 1 inch 2/22
Westside 2/24 open 1 inch 2/22
Heaven 2/22 open 1 inch 2/22
Tortoise 2/19 CLOSED Closed for the season
Mt. Ashwabay 2/22 open 2/22
Spooner Wildcat 2/22 open
Ashland Farm Rd 2/13 excellent 2/12 5 to 6 inches 2/7

Winter Fat Bike Riding - Need to Know

Winter mountain biking is rapidly gaining popularity in the Chequamegon Area.  There are now over 50 miles of groomed winter bike routes and literally hundreds of miles of plowed town roads to tour.

Where to ride:

• CAMBA Trails - all CAMBA singletrack trails and other designated routes are open to winter mountain biking except when the trails double as a snowmobile trail or groomed ski trail. Care should be exercised during transitional seasons when the frost in going in and coming out of the ground. Trails are particularly vulnerable to rutting at these times.

•     Riding is prohibited on all state funded snowmobile trails in Bayfield County. This includes all groomed snowmobile trails except those using town roads. Bayfield County has a specific ordinance prohibiting anything except snowmobile use on these trails.

•     Sawyer County policy discourages the riding of snowmobile trails in the winter.  CAMBA does not endorse riding on snowmobile trails.

•  Groomed ski trails: There are presently no groomed ski trails in the area open to winter mountain biking.

• Snowshoe trails - many CAMBA singletrack trails are used as snowshoe trails in the winter. These will be packed by trail users and should make for good riding. Please be courteous and share the trails. These trail tend to be narrow and have little or no room to pull off the trail.

• The North End Snowshoe Trails - several snowshoe trails from the North End Trailhead in Cable are open to winter mountain biking. They are user-packed only and narrow.

•  Two-track roads and other woods roads in the county and national forests are open to winter mountain biking.

• Town roads - snow covered dirt and gravel roads are open to winter mountain biking. Some of these roads may also be snowmobile routes, but if it is a public road, it is open to bikes. Use extra caution on these routes.

Contribute to Support Winter Fat Biking

Follow this link to make a contribution to support winter mountain biking in the Chequamegon area.  Here you can make a donation that will be dedicated to developing and maintaining winter mountain biking trails.

Donate to support winter fat biking.

Groomed Fat Bike Trails – 2016-2017 Season


Seeley Pass – 14 miles round trip (out & back). Singletrack from OO to Randysek Rd. Optional return using fire roads results in 11 mile ride.  Level of difficulty: Moderate to Advanced.

Makwa - 10 miles round trip (out & back).  Singletrack from OO south.  Level of difficulty: Moderate.

Seeley Hills Trails - 6 to10 miles. Groomed trails starting either at the Uhrenholdt Forest entrance on OO or the trailhead on Old OO near Seeley. Level of difficulty: Advanced.

Big Fat Loop (BFL) – 14 miles. Groomed route on old forest roads from OO connecting Seeley Pass and Makwa to the Seeley Hills Trails. Level of difficulty: Moderate to Advanced (distance).

Big Easy – 2.5 miles.  4-foot wide groomed loop, relatively flat starting and finishing at OO trailhead. Level of difficulty: Easy.


Hatchery Creek Trail - 9 mile loop with shorter options available, narrow singletrack between Hatchery Creek Park and Mosquito Brook. Level of difficulty: Moderate to Advanced.



Esker Trail – 3.5 miles. 2-foot wide singletrack. Extended climbing to begin and then rolling. Starting near entrance to Telemark Resort in Cable on Spider Lake Firelane. Return to start on road – 1.5 miles.        Level of difficulty: Advanced.

Cable Community Farm Trail - 1.5 miles. Pleasant forest ride from Cable Community Center to Cable Community Farm and back. Level of Difficulty: Easy (w/one steep hill).

Backside Trail - 3.5 lollipop loop starting from Timber Trail Rd. Connects to Westside Trail & Birkie Start Area Trailhead. Level of Difficulty: Moderate.

Westside Trail - 1.5 miles starting at Birkie Start Area Trailhead. Connects to Backside Trail. Level of Difficulty: Easy (w/one steeper hill).

Heaven - .25 miles starting near North End Trailhead.  Very steep hills on the power line.  Level of difficulty:  Advanced.

Tortoise - 5 miles starting at North End Trailhead using Randysek Rd and an ATV trail.  Level of difficulty:  Moderate.



Mt. Ashwabay - New groomed routes coming online this season. Stay tuned for more info

Plus hundreds of miles of plowed town roads throughout the region for extended touring options.

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