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Winter Fat Biking

Several CAMBA trails are open to winter fat biking. Only fat bikes with 3.5 inch or wider tires are recommended for riding any of these trails during the winter.

Many of these trails are shared with snowshoers, so please be aware of other trail users. Also, many trails intersect groomed cross-country ski trails where riding is not permitted except to cross the trail, conditions permitting.

Some of these routes will be machine groomed or packed by snowshoers and others will be packed only by fat bikes. Trails not used by snowshoers are not otherwise maintained during the winter.

Snow-covered town roads may be good alternatives, but you may encounter snowmobile and other vehicular traffic. See below for additional information about riding snowmobile trails.

Groomed winter biking trails are gradually evolving in CAMBA country. See the Winter Fat Bike Trails Conditions report for more details.


Winter Fat Bike Riding - Need to Know

Winter mountain biking is rapidly gaining popularity in the Chequamegon Area. Information on where to ride and other important considerations are still being assembled. And groomed riding opportunities have evolved.

Machine groomed trail riding opportunities are rapidly expanding. In 2013 only Seeley single track trails were machine groomed. This year (2014) we have added Seeley Pass! The trailhead is at the Birkie - Boedecker Road  warming hut. Ride west from the hut on Boedecker road. Continue past Janet Road. The machine groomed single track trail starts at the intersection of snowmobile trail #8 and Boedecker Road. Ride north on this section of Seeley Pass as an out and back for approximately 12 miles of ridiculous fun!!

Stay tuned as we work very hard to bring you more winter fat bike trial riding opportunities in CAMBA Land.

Where to ride:

• CAMBA Trails - all CAMBA singletrack trails and other designated routes are open to winter mountain biking except when the trails double as a snowmobile trail or groomed ski trail. Care should be exercised during transitional seasons when the frost in going in and coming out of the ground. Trails are particularly vulnerable to rutting at these times.

•     Riding is prohibited on all state funded snowmobile trails in Bayfield County. This includes all groomed snowmobile trails except those using town roads. Bayfield County has a specific ordinance prohibiting anything except snowmobile use on these trails.

•     Sawyer County policy discourages the riding of snowmobile trails in the winter.  While there are no expressed prohibitions, the county forest administrator does not believe it is a good idea.

•  Groomed ski trails: There are presently no groomed ski trails in the area open to winter mountain biking.

• Snowshoe trails - many CAMBA singletrack trails are used as snowshoe trails in the winter. These will be packed by trail users and should make for good riding. Please be courteous and share the trails. These trail tend to be narrow and have little or no room to pull off the trail.

• The North End Snowshoe Trails - several snowshoe trails from the North End Trailhead in Cable are open to winter mountain biking. They are user-packed only.

•  Two-track roads and other woods roads in the county and national forests are open to winter mountain biking.

• Town roads - snow covered dirt and gravel roads are open to winter mountain biking. Some of these roads may also be snowmobile routes, but if it is a public road, it is open to bikes. Use extra caution on these routes

• Some designated ATV trails, if they are not also snowmobile trails, are OK to ride and are not subject to this same stipulation.


Winter mountain bike trail grooming is still a work in progress. There are presently only a few groomed trails, but more areas are being considered and will be opened over time. Stay tuned.


Contribute to Support Winter Fat Biking

Follow this link to make a contribution to support winter mountain biking in the Chequamegon area.  All funds donated through this page will be dedicated to developing and maintaining winter mountain biking trails.

[Link & more information coming soon.]




Winter Fat Bike Trails Conditions

Winter Fat Bike Trail Conditions
Trail Name Difficulty Latest Grooming Conditions
Seeley Fat Bike Trails Closed Until Further Notice
Seeley Pass Closed Until Further Notice