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View and Download Maps

To quickly view and download CAMBA cluster maps, please visit the respective cluster on this website.

Click on the "View" map to see a simplified version of the map for that cluster. This is the same map that CAMBA uses as a YAH (You Are Here) Map on the trails.

You may download this same map by clicking "Download PDF." It is 11" X 17" however, and printing it may not be practical.

Where to Get Maps

To Purchase Online:
Follow this link to purchase maps online.  Cost is $15.00 for the set of maps described below, which includes shipping and handling.

CAMBA has produced two new full color, waterproof cluster maps for the Namakagon and Cable/Seeley/Hayward Clusters. These maps are available for purchase at the locations indicated above or online. These cluster maps will no longer be available at the trailheads.