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The Mountain Bike Capital of the Midwest

CAMBA Mountain Bike Trail System - Singletrack Capital of the Midwest

Welcome to the premier system of mountain bike trails in the Midwest, located in and around the beautiful Chequamegon National Forest region of Northwest Wisconsin.

The Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association off-road bike trail system consists of over 300 miles of marked and mapped routes through a near-wilderness area of striking beauty and peaceful solitude. The CAMBA system is quickly becoming the Singletrack Mecca of the Midwest, with more singletrack trail being constructed every year. CAMBA's vision of a linked system of singletrack trails connecting Hayward, Seeley, Cable and Namakagon was achieved in 2016. Additional enhancements and improvements to our world-class trail system continue to be implemented to provide the best possible mountain biking experience.

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Fund Raising Initiative Underway for Ashwabay Mountain Bike Trails

Over the past several years a new system of mountain bike trails has been slowing growing in the Bayfield County Forest on the south side of Mt. Ashwabay near Bayfield. The trail system is poised to make a major leap forward as it launches into its third and most significant phase.

In 2011 the Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA) in conjunction with a group of passionate volunteers from the Chequamegon Bay area with the support of the Bayfield County Forestry Department and the Ashwabay Outdoor Education Foundation, embarked on a vision to create a top notch system of mountain bike trails. Since that time the project has steadily advanced toward this reality. The summer of 2017 will see the completion of Phase 2 of the initiative, bringing the mileage to date to approximately 14 miles. The third phase of the project will immediately launch with over six additional miles of trail planned to be built bringing the total mileage to near 20 miles.

The Mt. Ashwabay trails have already begun to make their mark on the Bayfield Peninsula, adding yet another reason to visit this special area at the top of Wisconsin. Trail use has grown steadily; in 2016 over 2,200 riders took to the Mt. Ashwabay trails. With the completion of this ambitious project, the Mt. Ashwabay trails will join the ranks of other top Midwest trail networks and will elevate the Bayfield Peninsula/Chequamegon Bay area to that of a true mountain biking destination. 

According to CAMBA executive director, Ron Bergin, “CAMBA has been building and promoting mountain bike trails in Bayfield County for the past 25 years.” “It has been our experience,” he adds, “that the trails truly do have a positive impact on the local economy and the community of people, both locals and visitors, that use the trails. The Mt. Ashwabay Trails are a special recreational asset that we expect to stimulate numerous benefits for the area.”

While initially fueled by a strong corps of dedicated volunteers who hand built the first 1.5 miles of trail and continue to hold weekly work nights, CAMBA has contracted with a talented regional professional trail builder to construct a large percentage of the Mt. Ashwabay trails. “Professionally built trails come with a hefty price tag,” Bergin adds, “but are worth every penny with a resulting product that is very attractive to the mountain biking community and would otherwise take considerably longer to build.”

The budget for the Phase 3 initiative will run between $65,000 and $70,000. To generate sufficient funding to undertake this ambitious project, a dedicated fund raising initiative is now underway. “The good news,” says Bergin, “is that we already have substantial commitments of funds.” These include a Recreational Trails Program grant through the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in the amount of $22,500 and a 1% for Recreation Grant of $2,500. In addition, Bayfield Forestry Department has pledged an additional grant of $20,000 to match donations generated through fund raising efforts. Another matching program has been offered by the Bayfield Chamber of Commerce, which will match sponsorships of the project by its members up to $10,000.  Even with all of this support, a goal of $15,000-$20,000 remains to fully fund the project.

Over the next few months, local fund raising events will be held around the Bayfield Peninsula and Chequamegon Bay area. Individual donations and business sponsorships are also welcome.

It is important to note that all funds raised through this initiative will be dedicated solely to the construction of Phase 3 of the Mt. Ashwabay Mountain Bike Trails. CAMBA is a 501(c)3, tax-exempt organization and all donations are fully tax-deductible.

Individuals wishing to make a donation may do so by mail by sending a check to: Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA), P.O. Box 141, Cable, WI 54821. Please note on your check: Mt. Ashwabay Trails. Donations may also be made online at:

For further information about CAMBA, contact Ron Bergin, or (715)798-3599.

BREAKING NEWS: April 28, 2017

 Trails Open

We have the OK from the National Forest and Bayfield and Sawyer County Forests to open the trails on Saturday, April 29.  The crazy weather of late has played havoc with making the call on this. As of noon Friday the trees were still coated with ice and then raining ice balls.
The good news is that the frost is out of the ground and the solid precipitation when melted drained quickly. Please continue to use good judgement when riding.
And enjoy it while you can. Snow and cold are predicted again on Monday. The trails will be closed until after the next snowfall has melted and the trails have dried out. Watch the CAMBA website for updates.


CAMBA Workday – Saturday, April 29

CAMBA will hold its Spring Workday on Saturday, April 29.  We expect the trails to just about be open by that date and most pre-season work on the trails will have been completed.

We have an assortment of projects to tackle in the Hayward area to including: mowing Hayward Hospital Trail corridor, repair boardwalk on Hatchery Creek Trail, bike park clean-up and tread work, assemble features in the bike park skills area, and leaf blowing.

Meet at the lower parking lot at Hatchery Creek Park at 9:00 a.m.  We will work til about 12:30. CAMBA will provide lunch and beverages following our work.  Please contact CAMBA if you have any special dietary needs.

Dress for outdoor work, bring work gloves, water and snacks.  If you have any questions, please contact CAMBA at or 715/798-3599.


The Borah Epic is a major fund raiser for the CAMBA trails and annually contributes up to $20,000 to CAMBA’s trail fund. The Epic is still in need of quite a few volunteers for the June 3 event. All kinds of tasks are available. There is a very easy sign-up process. Just go to and select a task that interests you.  Task descriptions detail time, place and the work to be done.

CAMBA strongly encourages you pitch in on the Epic.  This is a unique event run entirely on CAMBA singletrack and a great opportunity to showcase the CAMBA trails.

If you have specific questions, contact the Epic race director Jack Zabrowski or call 608/381-1033.

Ashwabay Trails Open

The Bayfield County Forestry Department has given the OK to open the CAMBA mountain bike trails at Mt. Ashwabay. Note that at this time these are the only trails open.

Also note that there is active logging on Hot Saw, and that trail remains closed.

Rain is predicted for this weekend, so factor that into your decision to ride and if conditions are wet, please do not ride.

Other trail openings will be announced as conditions warrant and as we get the go-ahead from the land managers.


CAMBA Women's Mountain Bike Weekend
June 9-11, 2017



All trails are now open with the except as noted below:
Grass covered ski trails that double as bike routes, in particular the American Birkebeiner ski trail (except for trail crossings).


Tall Pines Trail in Delta (FR400): there is an active logging operation from W17 south.




Please exercise good judgment when deciding to ride during periods of wet weather. Many of the trails will soak up the precipitation right away and it shouldn’t be an issue, but local conditions may vary. We appreciate your cooperation, understanding, and concern for the trails.
Ride safe, have fun & enjoy the great trails and forests we are so lucky to have.





After considerable debate and deliberation the CAMBA board of directors has voted to withdraw from the IMBA Chapter Program.  CAMBA became an IMBA chapter in 2012 very early in the development of the chapter program. Over time it has become apparent that CAMBA, as a mature and well developed trail advocacy organization, does not experience the same level of needs as other smaller and younger clubs and associations around the country and was not realizing a commensurate return on our revenue sharing arrangement with IMBA.

“CAMBA still believes in and supports the IMBA mission,” notes CAMBA executive director Ron Bergin.  “We fully intend to continue our support for IMBA into the future.”

CAMBA is obligated by our chapter charter agreement to continue to function as a chapter through a 60-day notice period that will expire in early May.  Until that time current members may receive renewal notices from IMBA and membership revenue will continue to be shared with IMBA.  CAMBA will roll out its own membership program in early May. CAMBA members with questions about their membership should contact CAMBA directly at or (715)798-3599.

IMBA has experienced a number of setbacks in recent months, precipitated by the loss of Subaru as a major sponsor as well as other sponsors.  This has required numerous cutbacks in the organization, as well as to services offered through the chapter program.  The Associate Regional Directors have been eliminated leaving only a few Regional Directors nationwide to assist local chapters.  The widely appreciated IMBA Trail Care Crews are also gone. 

When CAMBA became a chapter in 2012, a key feature of the program was the cost savings possible by obtaining group liability insurance coverage for CAMBA through IMBA.  The new program offers no help with liability insurance to chapters.

Central to the decision to withdraw from the chapter program has been the revenue share structure. Upon becoming a chapter, CAMBA agreed to share membership revenue with IMBA on a 60%-IMBA/40%-CAMBA basis.  As CAMBA developed its 2017 budget it became quite apparent that this percentage of membership revenue could play an important role in meeting our local needs. “We have several significant initiatives underway for the 2017 season,” relates Bergin, “and these additional funds will help us balance our budget.”

Extensive efforts have been made and are continuing to be considered by IMBA to rework the function and offerings of the chapter program. To date none of the new offerings of the second and third iterations of the chapter program provide sufficient incentive for CAMBA to continue in the program.  As previously noted, CAMBA thoroughly believes in and supports IMBA’s mission to create, enhance and protect great places to ride mountain bikes.  CAMBA will continue to play a role as a strong regional trail advocacy organization and assist IMBA in any way possible.

We look forward to your continued support as CAMBA returns to its roots as an independent trail advocacy organization working for you, the rider, to advocate for and to provide, maintain and keep improving our great system of mountain bike trails.

CAMBA Sponsors

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The Fifth Annual Fat Bike Race After Party fundraiser after the Fat Bike Birkie on Saturday, March 11, 2017 was an unqualified success.  Not only did everyone have a great time, but the event raised over $8,000 in support of continued trail improvements and grooming for winter biking.  Thanks to everyone who turned out and purchased raffle tickets or bid during the silent auction.

And a special thanks to the Sawmill Saloon in beautiful downtown Seeley, the gracious and generous host for the event. Thanks Cindy & Drew for all your help.

And a BIG thanks to the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation presenter of the Fat Bike Birkie for their tremendous cooperation and support of this event. THANKS!

         The financial success of the After Party would not have been possible without the generous donations of the following businesses and supporters.  Thank you so much for your donation and support!

Framed Bikes
Dirt Components
9:ZERO:7 Bikes
Industry Nine Componentry
Magura USA
NL Do It Best Hardware
Lupine Lighting Systems
New Moon Ski and Bike
Borah Teamwear
Woolf Tooth Components
Freewheel Bike
Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival
Schlick Cycles
Mountain Bike Radio
Surly Bikes
American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation
Riverbrook Bike and Ski
Lifetime Fitness
Sheboygan Bicycle Company
The Rivers Eatery
Trek Bicycles
Coops Pizza
Befast Sportgear
Hidden Bay Graphics
L&M Fleet Supply
Trek Travel

Thanks Again!