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The Mountain Bike Capital of the Midwest

CAMBA Mountain Bike Trail System - Singletrack Capital of the Midwest

Welcome to the premier system of mountain bike trails in the Midwest, located in and around the beautiful Chequamegon National Forest region of Northwest Wisconsin.

The Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association off-road bike trail system consists of over 300 miles of marked and mapped routes through a near-wilderness area of striking beauty and peaceful solitude. The CAMBA system is quickly becoming the Singletrack Mecca of the Midwest, with more singletrack trail being constructed every year. CAMBA's ultimate vision is a linked system of singletrack trails connecting Hayward, Seeley, Cable and Namakagon.

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All CAMBA Trails Open

All of the CAMBA trails are officially open, except for the following areas:

A new salvage logging operation has started along the Hatchery Creek Trail. The county has closed the trail until the salvage logging is done.

Recent logging activity on Seeley Pass from OO trailhead north past Janet Rd. has mostly been cleaned up. There are a few soft & muddy spots.

Please remember, as previously noted, the Birkie, Birkie Classic and all grass covered ski trails should not be ridden at this time. They will require a few more weeks to thoroughly dry out.

A Hearty Thank You to Our Donors, Sponsors, Grantors and all Supporters!

As CAMBA has grown over the years, so have our financial needs. The CAMBA trail system continues to improve as does our recognition on the national mountain biking scene. Much of our success is directly attributed to our ability to hire a trail crew, buy equipment, and support our staff and operations. We salute and honor the unwavering support of individuals, businesses and organizations with the wise and prudent application of all donations.

With the 2014 season behind us, CAMBA extends a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has voiced confidence in our efforts by making a financial contribution. Thank you for your support – we look forward to working with you next season to continue to make the Chequamegon area one of the premier mountain biking destinations in the country.


A Great Big Thank You to All of Our Volunteers

2014 was a great year for CAMBA – and we owe a great debt of thanks to the many volunteers who helped during this past season. 

We were successful completing an extremely ambitious slate of trail construction and trail maintenance projects and also received tremendous regional and national recognition for our trail system.  Volunteers contributed more than 2,800 hours of service this year and played a big role in our success. 

The riding and work season started late following an epic winter.  Our spring work day focused on clearing the trails of windfalls and debris to get them open.  Numerous storms in 2014 dropped a lot more trees across the trails.  Even before the big September storm that closed the Hatchery Creek trails, volunteers had worked more than 200 hours clearing trees to keep us riding.

New trails and reroutes at Martel’s Pothole, Hatchery Creek, the Ojibwe Trail, the Camp 38 Trailhead spur and the Danky Dank were the big trail building projects for the year and in most cases, the actual trail layout for those trails had not been done in advance. 


Year-End Donor Appeal

It’s that time of year when non-profits typically reach out to their supporters and respective communities with a year-end fund raising appeal.  And so it is for CAMBA.

As you may know, CAMBA undertook a broad donor appeal this year starting mid-summer, which is still on going.  CAMBA’s trail initiatives this year were both complex and expensive.  Circumstances required additional spending to contract equipment operators, purchase much needed equipment, and facilitate an extended building season.

In order to accomplish all of this it was necessary to access our reserve funds. And while we are on track to end the year in a reasonably comfortable and solvent position, it is our goal to rebuild our reserve in the event we face any unforeseen future expenses such as catastrophic equipment failure, special personnel or equipment needs, or to take advantage of special opportunities that might come along for which we may not have budgeted.

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A Most Successful Season

Mother Nature abruptly slammed the door on the 2014 mountain biking season only 10 days into November.  And while we could have anticipated another several weeks of riding, the regular season has officially come to a close. It’s time to look to other activities including fat biking on local roads and a couple of groomed trails, and of course, to reflect.

The 2014 season was notable in many ways. Past newsletters have chronicled in detail our trail accomplishments and we are quite satisfied to say that we came close to completing just about everything we set out to do. It was an ambitious and challenging trail construction season that was complicated from the start by losing our excavator operator just before we were to begin work. A lot of resourceful networking managed to salvage that situation in grand fashion and we were off and running.



The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) based in Boulder, Colorado, has announced its 2014 class of Model Trails designees. Among IMBA’s Model Trails program is a category of Ride Centers. The Ride Center designation represents IMBA’s Model Trail recognition for large-scale mountain bike facilities that offer something for every rider and are destination-worthy areas that include everything from backcountry adventures to shuttle-served gravity trails and range from expert-only to family-friendly.



Build 'em, Ride 'em

It’s been a busy summer across the CAMBA system as we’ve ticked off project after project on our 2014 trail maintenance and construction “To Do” List. The building season is winding down, though in reality we’ve gone into extra innings as we’ve typically concluded after the second week of August. This year due to setbacks with our equipment operator situation early in the summer we’ve extended the season a couple of weeks.  We expect to conclude in another week to 10 days, depending on crew availability and may still have to rely on volunteers to fully wrap things up, so stay tuned for announcements about special work nights and weekend workdays.




All CAMBA Trails Open

All of the CAMBA trails are officially open, except for the following specific closures.


Hatchery Creek Trail : A new salvage logging operation has started. The county has closed the trail until it has concluded.

The Birkie, Birkie Classic and all grass covered ski trails should not be ridden at this time. They will require a few more weeks to thoroughly dry out.

DANKY DANK - while open for riding, is under construction and not a completed trail. As such, there is no exit from the far end of the trail. You must ride out & back. It is a varied ride with many interesting terrain features, but it takes you to a very remote area. There is minimal signage at this time.


As a rule the CAMBA trails are rideable within 12 hours or less of almost any major rain event and sooner after lesser storms. As always, please use good judgement when deciding to ride during wet weather. If you leave much more than the dimple of a tire tread, you should wait for the trails to dry out. Trails will only need to be closed due to extreme events.


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