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The Mountain Bike Capital of the Midwest

CAMBA Mountain Bike Trail System - Singletrack Capital of the Midwest

Welcome to the premier system of mountain bike trails in the Midwest, located in and around the beautiful Chequamegon National Forest region of Northwest Wisconsin.

The Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association off-road bike trail system consists of over 300 miles of marked and mapped routes through a near-wilderness area of striking beauty and peaceful solitude. The CAMBA system is quickly becoming the Singletrack Mecca of the Midwest, with more singletrack trail being constructed every year. CAMBA's vision of a linked system of singletrack trails connecting Hayward, Seeley, Cable and Namakagon was achieved in 2016. Additional enhancements and improvements to our world-class trail system continue to be implemented to provide the best possible mountain biking experience.

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Urgent Year-End Appeal

To Our Friends and Supporters,

Our year-end appeal this year is particularly urgent. We hope you will help CAMBA meet its financial needs as we close out our main season and begin to transition to winter riding. Our situation is this: One of our standing donations of nearly $20,000 has been considerably delayed and may not come in until the end of 2016. This puts us in an awkward cash flow position with year-end expenses coming due and a shortfall in funds to fully pay them.
CAMBA plans its annual budget using anticipated revenue from grants, donations, and other sources based on conservative estimates from past seasons. Funding is never a certain thing for non-profit organizations; things can fall through or be delayed. We plan for surprises, but didn’t anticipate one of this magnitude. One thing has been constant for us from the beginning: in times of need, our community has always stepped up to meet the need. We truly appreciate your understanding and your financial support.
Please enjoy the following review of what we’ve done together this year. We look forward to more progress in 2017 as we focus on building and maintaining our wonderful trail system.
CAMBA has had a busy and successful year on many fronts. These are some of the major initiatives undertaken in 2016:

• Construction of the Hatchery Creek Bike Park – 90% finished, including a small pump track, a climbing singletrack line, two descending flow/jump lines, and a skills area ($30,000+)
• Begun production of a high-quality promotional video to help us tell our story and reach riders from around the country ($8,000 to date – with partial funding coming from Wis. Dept. of Tourism)
• Advanced Phase 2 of the Mt. Ashwabay project, bringing that phase of the project to near completion and the total mileage to near 16  miles of great trails ($9,600)
• Invested in a six-person trail maintenance crew that worked across the system for several months making improvements, rehabbing older trails, and keeping the CAMBA trails in the best condition possible. Their work included hand construction of over ½ mile of new singletrack on the Ojibwe trail and spot work on just about every CAMBA trail in Hayward, Seeley, Cable and Namakagon, as well as routine maintenance in all trail clusters ($37,000) plus related expenses ($11,200)
• Machine built over 1.25 miles of reroutes on the Ojibwe helping bring that trail up to standard and vastly improving the riding experience, plus other machine work on Hatchery, Makwa, and FlowMama ($15,700)
• Produced two high quality trail maps on waterproof paper ($9,500) and revised our trail guide and Area map ($8,400)
• Maintenance and upkeep of our equipment including an unforeseen repair cost for our mini-excavator ($3,000+)
• Continued expansion of winter biking opportunities and trail grooming ($5,000+)

All of these important initiatives plus routine and general operating expenses (insurance, staff, signage, etc.) come at a significant cost, which are all worthwhile and necessary investments in the future of our trail system and organization.
We are already looking ahead to next season -  planning, budgeting and working toward making the CAMBA system the best mountain biking destination anywhere.

Our agenda for 2017 is no less ambitious, and includes:
  • Continued emphasis on maintenance and rehabilitating older trails
  • Moving into Phase 3 at Mt. Ashwabay
  • Beginning work on an Ojibwe to Esker connection
  • Completing the Bike Park
  • Completing our Video Marketing and Branding Initiative
  • Developing a new, more user-friendly and contemporary website
  • Improving signage across the entire system including trailheads, highway directional signage, and on-trail directional signs
  • Improving wayfinding systems – with comprehensive GPS data to assist emergency services
We hear all the time how special he CAMBA trail system truly is – and it is the support of our members and trail users that has helped make it all possible.  We hope you will consider making a year-end donation to keep the momentum rolling. As a 501(c)3, tax-exempt organization, your donation is fully tax-deductible.

Thanks again for your support. We are looking forward to another outstanding season in 2017.

Click to donate online, via PayPal, or to download a donation form.

Boogie in the Barn Was Divine!

CAMBA’s second annual fund raising gala, Boogie in the Barn, was a great success. Thank you to everyone who attended, made a donation, purchased an auction item, or helped organize and and present the event. The weather certainly made things challenging, but in the spirit of the event, almost everyone who purchased a ticket showed up, plus a number of others who purchased tickets at the door.  The rain certainly did not dampen anyone’s spirits.

A particularly big thanks goes out to Matt and Kim Dale for the use of the SylvanDale Barn.  It was an extraordinary venue; you could see people’s eyes light up and jaws drop as they made their way into the barn and its enchanting environs.

Our good friend Dale Vaillancourt and Divine Swine deserve a very special thanks for their generous sponsorship of the evening’s outstanding meal. Similarly, Angry Minnow and the Wine Cave helped make the evening a success through their solid support. Last but not least, our major sponsors Trek and Farmers Insurance helped underwrite some of the costs of the event, for which we are very grateful. And the many volunteers who donated so much of their time also deserve a significant thanks.

Randy Sabien and Friends provided an outstanding evening of music and kept the crowd thoroughly entertained and on the dance floor throughout the evening. And the auctions were equally entertaining.  In the end, the evening’s programming came off smoothly, without a single hitch.

The 2016 Boogie in the Barn helped raise over $16,000 to help support CAMBA’s trail development and maintenance efforts. This event, in conjunction with donations from several large area races, will help CAMBA approach next season’s trail work and related projects with complete confidence knowing that most of the work to which we aspire will be funded.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this great event a success.

Storm Impact Update

The trails in general have weathered the storm quite well. There have been no catastrophic impacts. Numerous trees were down across the system. Volunteers have cleared almost all of them and will continue to finish up into the weekend.  Please report any downed trees that you find to

While there were no major washouts, there was some soil movement, so there are some minor erosion gullies.  The most significant impact system wide was movement of the fine particles in the surface soil.  This has transformed the trail surface in some areas from smooth to somewhat coarse. This should mellow over time. Flatter sections of trail may have some puddles or other surface water.

Trails in the Hayward, Seeley, and Cable Clusters are fully open.  Mt. Ashwabay was not hit by the storm to the same magnitude and little impact has been reported. The Hatchery Creek Bike Park remains closed.

Forest Service Closure
The U. S. Forest Service has issued an area wide closure of all facilities and trails. This includes the Namakagon Cluster trails. According to the district ranger, it is his desire that this be a fluid closure and that trails not remain closed simply for the sake of closure. Based on CAMBA's assessment and input, he is hoping to lift the closure on the bike trails quickly, perhaps even on Friday.

Gravel and paved roads by in large were more significantly impacted than the trails. Forest Roads in the Namkagon area range from closed, passable with high clearance vehicles to completely open.  Of importance to riders are FR 203, FR 206 and FR 205, which are used to access the Wilson Lake Trailhead. 206 and 203 are open, 205 is rated high clearance.  FR 207 (Rock Lake Rd.) is still being assessed.

Town roads in the Cable and Seeley have had similar impacts. Probably best to not venture out in anything but a truck, SUV, or Subaru Outback-type vehicle. Be on the look out for gullies and washouts on the edges of the road, as well as for crews working. Caution should be exercised on Spider Lake Firelane, Randysek Rd., Telemark Rd., Boedecker Rd. and almost any gravel road.  Check town, county and Forest Service websites for the full and accurate status on local roads.

We appreciate everyone's cooperation and understanding. Things will be back to normal shortly.

CAMBA’s Longass Ride to Debut July 23

An epic tour of the CAMBA trails

The Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA) is excited to announce the debut of what is hoped will become a signature CAMBA event – the Longass Ride on July 23, 2016.  “Thanks to our extensive network of interconnected singletrack trails, the Chequamegon Area has become known as the place to go for long uninterrupted rides,” states CAMBA executive director Ron Bergin.  “And while many people are aware of our trails, it is our goal to help spread the word by inviting riders from around the Midwest to the area to experience our trails, have a great time, and go home and tell all of their friends.”

There are several well-known mountain bike races in the area, but the Longass Ride will not be a competitive event. It will be a supported, non-competitive tour that will allow riders to bike from point to point and spend as much time on the trail as they wish.  With distances of 17, 35, and 45 miles, there will be a route for just about anyone.  It should be noted that all routes are on singletrack trail of at least an intermediate level of difficulty and none of the routes should be taken lightly.  Participants should have a mountain bike in good working order and have spent some time on the bike before undertaking the tour.

The tours will start at Hatchery Creek Park in Hayward and finish at the North End Trailhead in Cable or the OO Trailhead in Seeley. Those riding to Cable will have the option of an additional 10-mile loop. Riders will park at their respective finish site and they and their bikes will be shuttled to their starting point. Lunch will be served for all riders at the OO Trailhead and there will be on-course support with mountain bike patrol and a SAG vehicle.

Following the day’s riding, participants will regroup at the Hatchery Creek Park in Hayward for a chance to relive the day and swap stories while enjoying a great meal by Divine Swine and a couple of Angry Minnow beers.

Click here to register. The tour is limited to 100 riders and registration will close on July 1.

Registration and other information can be found at or by contacting CAMBA at or 715/798-3599.

CAMBA has produced two new full color, waterproof cluster maps for the Namakagon and Cable/Seeley/Hayward Clusters. These maps are available for purchase at the locations indicated above or online. These cluster maps will no longer be available at the trailheads.




As such, conditions vary greatly. The ground started to freeze, then it warmed, then it rained and the ground started to thaw.  The end result is the potential for damage as trails go through sometimes daily freeze-thaw cycles.

The rule of thumb: if the ground is frozen, you're good to go. Otherwise, use extreme care to not ride on transitional trails.  Even a 4.5 inch tire can cause damage. Thanks for your concern.


Please note the following special circumstances:

Makwa Trail - just north of Gravel Pit Rd. Trailhead is rerouted around the water crossing.

Hatchery Creek Bike Park is closed until spring.
The bike park was constructed with a high percentage of clay-based soil.  This is unlike most of our other trails. As such, it remains wet and soft longer that our sandy loam based soils.  It is potentially vulnerable to damage, so please help us preserve this new facility by not riding when wet. 



Please exercise good judgment when deciding to ride during periods of wet weather. Many of the trails will soak up the precipitation right away and it shouldn’t be an issue, but local conditions may vary. We appreciate your cooperation, understanding, and concern for the trails.
Ride safe, have fun & enjoy the great trails and forests we are so lucky to have.




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