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The Mountain Bike Capital of the Midwest

CAMBA Mountain Bike Trail System - Singletrack Capital of the Midwest

Welcome to the premier system of mountain bike trails in the Midwest, located in and around the beautiful Chequamegon National Forest region of Northwest Wisconsin.

The Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association off-road bike trail system consists of over 300 miles of marked and mapped routes through a near-wilderness area of striking beauty and peaceful solitude. The CAMBA system is quickly becoming the Singletrack Mecca of the Midwest, with more singletrack trail being constructed every year. CAMBA's vision of a linked system of singletrack trails connecting Hayward, Seeley, Cable and Namakagon was achieved in 2016. Additional enhancements and improvements to our world-class trail system continue to be implemented to provide the best possible mountain biking experience.

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CAMBA’s Longass Ride to Debut July 23

An epic tour of the CAMBA trails

The Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA) is excited to announce the debut of what is hoped will become a signature CAMBA event – the Longass Ride on July 23, 2016.  “Thanks to our extensive network of interconnected singletrack trails, the Chequamegon Area has become known as the place to go for long uninterrupted rides,” states CAMBA executive director Ron Bergin.  “And while many people are aware of our trails, it is our goal to help spread the word by inviting riders from around the Midwest to the area to experience our trails, have a great time, and go home and tell all of their friends.”

There are several well-known mountain bike races in the area, but the Longass Ride will not be a competitive event. It will be a supported, non-competitive tour that will allow riders to bike from point to point and spend as much time on the trail as they wish.  With distances of 17, 35, and 45 miles, there will be a route for just about anyone.  It should be noted that all routes are on singletrack trail of at least an intermediate level of difficulty and none of the routes should be taken lightly.  Participants should have a mountain bike in good working order and have spent some time on the bike before undertaking the tour.

The tours will start at Hatchery Creek Park in Hayward and finish at the North End Trailhead in Cable or the OO Trailhead in Seeley. Those riding to Cable will have the option of an additional 10-mile loop. Riders will park at their respective finish site and they and their bikes will be shuttled to their starting point. Lunch will be served for all riders at the OO Trailhead and there will be on-course support with mountain bike patrol and a SAG vehicle.

Following the day’s riding, participants will regroup at the Hatchery Creek Park in Hayward for a chance to relive the day and swap stories while enjoying a great meal by Divine Swine and a couple of Angry Minnow beers.

Registration will open shortly. The tour is limited to 100 riders and registration will close on July 1.

CAMBA is also seeking volunteers to help assist in the organization of the event. Volunteers can select job assignments and sign up on Volunteer Spot at

Registration and other information can be found at or by contacting CAMBA at or 715/798-3599.


CAMBA, in conjunction with IMBA, are well into our spring membership campaign.  As you might imagine, membership plays a big role in the success of our organization. Last fall we conducted a very successful membership drive and saw our numbers jump by almost 30 percent.  We are very grateful to everyone who stepped up and became a CAMBA member at that time.

During our spring campaign we are once again reaching out to the local and regional mountain bike and outdoor communities for your support. Membership is not restricted to just mountain bikers.  If you are a mountain biker, fat biker, trail runner, hiker, snowshoer, bird watcher, or even backcountry skier, the CAMBA trails are there for your enjoyment.  CAMBA membership is open to all trail users and anyone that simply wants to help support the trails.

CAMBA annually invests thousands of hours of time and many thousands of dollars in maintaining and developing the trails. We have a number of new exciting initiatives planned for the coming season, and hope you will join us as we continue to provide one of the best trail experiences anywhere.

To learn more about membership and to join online, visit


CAMBA East-West Connection Completed

On Tuesday, November 3, a group of volunteers “drove the golden spike,” so to speak, and completed the final segment of the trails connecting the Cable Cluster to the Namakagon Cluster.  Over six years in the making, this eight-mile combination of new trails helps fill out one of the remaining connections in CAMBA’s 90-mile plus system of interconnected singletrack trails.

The Treasures’ Trace trail runs from the Rock Lake bike trail near Emerson Lake, 3.5 miles west to the boundary of the national forest.  From here, Danky Dank, which was completed earlier this summer, runs 4.5 miles to connect with the Esker Trail.  It is necessary to ride in on the Esker about two miles from Spider Lake Firelane to pick up Danky Dank. The total 10-mile through-ride is about as diverse a series of trails as you are going to find in the CAMBA system, each trail with very different character and personality, sometimes changing several times within a few miles.

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All CAMBA singletrack trails are open and in great shape.

Please keep in mind the following suggestions and advice.
It should be noted that good judgment should be exercised when deciding to ride should we experience periods of wet weather. Many of the trails will soak up the precipitation right away and it shouldn’t be an issue, but local conditions may vary. We appreciate your cooperation, understanding, and concern for the trails.
Ride safe, have fun & enjoy the great trails and forests we are so lucky to have.



While the trails may have just opened, Day 2 of our official season ushered in a couple of days significant rain. It is at times like this that we ask our passionate riders to exercise restraint and good judgement until the rain passes and things dry out again.

The good news is that our trails do dry out quickly. Tuesday, April 26 looks to be a return to warmer dryer weather. The trails should (but could vary locally) be good to ride again later in the day on Tuesday.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.



As a rule the CAMBA trails are rideable within 12 hours or less of almost any major rain event and sooner after lesser storms. As always, please use good judgement when deciding to ride during wet weather. If you leave much more than the dimple of a tire tread, you should wait for the trails to dry out. Trails will only need to be closed due to extreme events.


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